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       Our mission at The Wellness Box is to provide dynamic wellness!


       We provide solutions for long-term health and wellness. Whether you're an individual, company employee, or a retiree, we help

       you take ownership of your health and wellness to improve your quality of life, enhance productivity, and stabilize long-term

       health care costs.

       Wellness Box Inc. offers a wide variety of programs to best meet your needs, including individual fitness and health coaching,                   group fitness classes, body composition assessment, educational workshops, corporate wellness programs, and a healthy snack             office delivery service.

       Bonnie and LT Thompson

       Wellness Box Inc. is owned by LT and Bonnie Thompson who have helped thousands of people just like you get fit, healthy or just           learn to become more mindful of their bodies. Each of them bring unique perspectives to your training experience.


       Bonnie is a certified wellness coach and trainer.  She understands the challenges around implementing workout programs for

       busy individuals that are practical for today's busy lifestyle. LT is no stranger to fitness. He is a certified EMT, personal trainer and             an AdvoCare consultant. LT holds a bachelor's degree in exercise science and an associate's degree in paramedical sciences.






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