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How to Transform Your Body Using the TRX Suspension Trainer at Wellness Box Inc.

December 22, 2017

You’ve seen transformation success stories at every turn. People dropping 200 pounds or gaining 20 pounds of muscle, looking completely different from their previous physical appearance, or simply moving better and being able to enjoy life, and raving about the extra energy they have, how great they feel, the new mindset they’ve gained, etc.

Why can’t that be you? IT CAN BE YOU!


Whether you’re looking to drop weight, tone up or even bulk up, or to be able to enjoy your favorite activities again, all transformations start with a decision, a mental paradigm shift of taking ownership and embracing your vision as something that is attainable through a series of small victories that you can and WILL win.


If you are looking for a change that transcends your life, the best time to consider what you want to change and how you are going to do it is always now.


Remember, doing what you have been doing and expecting a different result won’t work. Join our Rock the Box Challenge group and do something different for a better result. 


You have to be mentally ready plus it is critical you realize that except for identical twins, no two people have the same genetic characteristics and therefore will not respond to movement, diet and changes in their lifestyle at the same pace or with similar results. 

This is WHY we use the scientific approach with our body composition scan, food tracking app and MyZone effort monitoring.  


With our approach you must have realistic goals and give yourself credit for any change that is a result of your commitment to your goal of transformation. Give yourself some grace and always show yourself gratitude for what you are doing to make changes. Remember, success is often measured in millimeters, small victories that deserve to be celebrated and that generate positive momentum towards your larger goals. 2 more reps, 3% less body fat, 1 millimeter less on your waist, etc. Look for your small victories and don’t compare your wins to other people’s progress. You are on your own journey, embrace your positive results and keep your eyes on your next small victory instead of someone else’s.  

#1 Nutrition and Diet
Realize that nutrition and diet play a HUGE role in a complete body transformation. We will help you explore important diet and nutritional considerations and techniques to be successful.

#2 Mix Up Your Training

Maintaining variety in your training routine is a key to enhancing your performance. Staying committed to daily movement is essential for the body, mind and spirit, but selecting the right exercises at the right time is also critical for long term transformational success. As we explore the importance of understanding the five components of fitness, our TRX Suspension classes offer you a tremendous variety in your transformational program. We explore periodization training, or progressive movement selection over time. This technique will allow you to progress at your own pace, with significant opportunity for success that will keep you engaged mentally and challenged physically. Get your punchpass and join us for class!


The toughest part of any program is taking the first few steps.  Once you’ve taken that first step, it’s much harder to stop.  Come take your first step with Wellness Box Inc. 


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Bonnie Thompson

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