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When Will Howard started work as an intern/trainer at Wellness Box in May 2018, he had no idea that participating in TRX work...

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June 21, 2019

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July 12, 2018

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March 7, 2018

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Our Recent Posts


What is a Studio?

December 31, 2017

 A studio by any other name just wouldn’t be the same.

Since well before day one, Wellness Box was always intended to offer a “studio” approach to fitness and well-being.

But what does that mean?

The majority of us are very familiar with the “gym” model when it comes to fitness but have less of an understanding of what makes a studio environment different. When we started renovating the building for the future home of the Wellness Box many people said they were excited to belong to our “gym.” Even though we carefully explained that Wellness Box wouldn’t be a “gym,” it was something that people had to see in action before it was understood that yes, this was something else entirely.

A “studio” is less familiar to the masses and relatively newer in the fitness industry. Where gyms have been a mainstay in fitness since the early 80s, offering something for everyone and catering to a large membership base, small group or personal training studios have only come to see increased popularity in the last handful of years.

A studio is a much more specialized offering. It’s like that great little Italian restaurant you love. You won’t find a “something for everyone” style of menu for the masses, but you can guarantee that everything on the menu has been carefully chosen and prepared with attention to every detail. In a studio setting you can expect that all offerings are extremely specialized. Because of this, you also find highly credentialed professionals with respected education and well-honed experience in their particular discipline teaching studio sessions.

A studio environment and offerings are constructed around smaller groups and deliver more personalized attention to each participant. There is a much smaller client/member to coach/teacher ratio per class than you would find at a gym. This is strategically formulated so that the professionals on staff are able to give the necessary time and attention to each individual in the group. These smaller numbers allow the studio the ability to have a greater positive impact with each member. For those who are not interested in this strategically specialized, individual attention, we often recommend they seek out a gym. But for those who are looking to understand how to improve their fitness, well-being and learn how to make their body work better, they find what they are looking for in the studio environment.

We chose this path for Wellness Box simply because our experience has taught us that the path toward wellness is not as straight-forward as main-stream media makes it out to be. We decided that the best way to help people reach their goals was to create an environment where we could guide them along every step of their journey. We knew from the beginning that offering small groups and classes would help us create the most effective training outcomes and allow us to have a close personal connection with every single one of our members.

We are grateful for each one of our amazing members and guests. Each day we are rewarded with the opportunity to deepen each relationship with everyone who comes through our doors.

Very sincerely,

The Thompsons

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