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June 21, 2019

Helping People & Businesses Thrive

July 12, 2018

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March 7, 2018

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Helping People & Businesses Thrive

July 12, 2018

Wellness Box Inc. provides unique, scientific based programs that are innovative, data driven health and wellness programs. Created to benefit not only the employees, but companies as well!  Just think… what if absenteeism was drastically reduced? How about boosted company morale? What if it was life changing? These and more are achievable with us.  


We Have Options For You



Every company is different. From personal needs to the overall atmosphere of the office, Wellness Box Inc. can bring  solutions that are customized specifically for each individual.  Here are 5 solutions for your company; but keep in mind this is just a preview of what we have to offer you!  


Biometrics (Fasting/Non-Fasting options) – This comprehensive fingerstick screening package includes total cholesterol, HDL, TC/HDL ratio, glucose, blood pressure, InBody Body Composition Scan (Medical grade machine that provides, height/weight, percentage of body fat, muscle distribution, body water balance, visceral fat and BMI) The fasting option also includes LDL and triglycerides.


Onsite Preventative Screenings (Body Composition, Blood Pressure, Chair Massage,  etc.) – We will come onsite to conduct individual screenings, including blood pressure, body composition/BMI, chair massages, one on one Well Coaching.  Do you have employees who are unsure where to start or how to make changes in their daily life? Let our Wellness Coaches help your employees eliminate behaviours that are destructive to their bodies and well-being. Our Wellness Coaches can offer a variety of tips, advice and support on many issues, including but not limited to the following:

Stress management
Weight Management
Smoking Cessation
Exercise and Fitness
Cholesterol and Blood Pressure Management
Healthy Meals On the Go
And more..


Corporate Lunch & Learns
Who’s in for a party? Okay, so there may not be balloons and streamers, but we can have a lot of fun! Our corporate lunch and learns are a great place to address issues such as:

Physical Activity at Work
Summer Safety
Stress and Time Management
Quick Healthy Meals
Good Carbs Vs Bad Carbs
How To Prevent, Control and Eliminate Type II Diabetes
And more..We can provide 30-60 minute workshops to help motivate your employees to take better care of their health, and have the necessary steps available to them to achieve their goals.


Wellness Challenges
Your employees will stay engaged with customized wellness challenges. Typically lasting 8-12 weeks, we encourage participants to maintain daily health habits to boost healthy eating and increase physical activity. A short list of some of our challenges include:

Sweet Freedom Challenge
Wellness Passport Challenge

Get Active Fitness Challenge

Rethink your Finances Challenge











With many more solutions to choose from, the possibilities for your company are virtually endless. For more information on how Wellness Box Inc. can transform your employees into active, healthy and motivated individuals, give us a call today at 1-888-244-6090.

















































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