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Your resting metabolic rate is the amount of energy your body uses at rest over the course of 24 hours. Hypothetically, it is the number of calories you would burn if you were to lay in bed all day and do absolutely nothing, simply exist. Using the metabolic data collected from your RMR test, I will calculate exactly how many calories you burn every day and the breakdown of them in terms of percentage of carbs/fats

  • Customized report based on the data collected

  • Training and nutrition recommendations based on your fitness goals and the data collected

  • Appointment takes up to 45 minutes


The objective of this test is to measure your body’s physiological response to exercise and to develop a customized training plan and recommendations based on the data collected. Although there are certain parameters for the data to be considered “normal”, everybody exhibits different trends and patterns due to differences in their physiology.

  • Customized report based on the data collected

  • Training and nutrition recommendations based on your fitness goals and the data collected; plus aerobic and anaerobic thresholds, VO2max, and TRUE training zones

  • Appointment takes up to 45 minutes


Hands down the best way to go and best bang for your buck. Especially ideal for setting baselines prior to initiating training. I strongly recommend this package to those of you looking to:

  • Start working out and watching what you eat

  • natural ways to boost your metabolism

  • Start training for a competition of any kind - especially those that require attention to physique or mid-competition refueling

  • Get back into training after an injury, illness, or any other kind of serious setback in fitness

  • Always make sure you’re training and fueling appropriately!!!

  • Appointment takes up to 60 minutes


starting at $69/month; $25 initiation for app-access

Want the structure and guidance of a personal trainer, with the ease of going to the gym whenever you want and not having to see a trainer? If so, this is exactly what you’re looking for.  If not, and you’re looking for a trainer to be present and walk you through every workout, then we can discuss my ONLINE Personal Training or IN STUDIO Personal Training. 

  • 100% tailored to your skill level, fitness goals, physical limitations, access to equipment, etc…

  • One time $25 fee for access to mobile app for seamless delivery of workouts, workout revisions, program planning and communication with KP

  • Pick your monthly price starting from $69/month. (3 workout/week)

  • I really encourage you to “sign up” for a minimum of 3-4 months, however 6-12 months is ideal. 

  • The ideal frequency of strength training for most people is 2-4 times per week depending on skill level, current level of fitness, and fitness goals. 5+ times per week should be reserved for serious athletes and body-builders

  • All active monthly clients receive half-priced cardio-metabolic analyses of any kind

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