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Here's what Wellness Box Inc. members have to say about how our workouts and fitness plans changed their lives.

“I started the first Rock the Box Challenge last year. For me, it was much more than just losing some weight. I wanted to find a routine and better process than just yo yo dieting. ... So with the Rock the Box Challenge, I found a network of people with common goals. I was always so focused on the number on the scale. Utilizing the InBody, I found that even when I was not dropping scale numbers, my body WAS indeed doing much more! I learned to rely on how I was feeling and how my clothes were fitting than how much 'weight' I had lost that week. Since May 30, 2017 I have lost almost 40 lbs of body fat, decreasing my overall BMI almost 10% and more importantly maintaining my muscle mass.” -- Jessica

"I’ve been working with Bonnie and Wellness Box for eight months on my health, training and increasing my fitness level. I LOVE the TRX workouts and how much stronger I feel today than I did when I started. Bonnie has helped push me to a level of strength I didn’t think I was possible for myself. Additionally, the InBody scan that Wellness Box offers is the only results I trust for determining my body’s health. Most weight management programs and doctor’s offices only use a scale to look at one whole number. I love that the InBody machine tells me what that number is comprised of; so while the overall number on the scale may stay the same (or decrease or increase), I’ve seen my muscles grow and body fat shrink, which is truly the goal for a healthy body. Before Wellness Box, I never liked working out. Now I look forward to my TRX workouts. Bonnie's scientific and low maintenance approach works great for me. She and LT truly believe in the work they do, and want their clients to achieve their best life." -- Leah

"Thank you for your body scan, meal plan and work out plan. I had been to another nutritionist and my family doctor with no results. I have struggled for three years trying to lose weight. After taking the scan and visiting with you, I understand more about what my body needs. I’m very excited to say in the first five weeks following the plan and workout. I have lost 13 pounds, 12 of that is fat. The second scan has proved I’m capable and the plan works if your willing to put the work in. Thanks again." -- Gail

"After losing over 100 lbs., my goal was to tone up and strengthen my entire body, and that’s just what I’m doing with TRX classes. My endurance and strength have increased dramatically just in three months. I climbed my first rock wall a couple weeks ago and I can SEE muscles throughout my body. Wellness Box Inc., LT and Bonnie Thompson are true blessings to our community! With their guidance, the studio, the InBody machine, and participating in the challenges, you CAN transform your body!" -- Myra

"None of the doctors I've had through the years were as thorough as you are with healthy living. I really appreciate all you are doing." -- Client

"I had a great time in TRX class. My arms were a little spaghetti-ish, but I think half those calories were burned from laughing at myself." -- Client

"I have given up Weight Watchers and downloaded the Fat Secret app, and I'm ready to personalize the calories." -- Kathy

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