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      Our mission at The Wellness Box is to provide dynamic wellness!

      We provide solutions for long-term health and wellness. Whether you're an individual, company employee, or a retiree, we help

      you take ownership of your health and wellness to improve your quality of life, enhance productivity, and stabilize long-term

      health care costs.

      Wellness Box Inc. offers a wide variety of programs to best meet your needs, in 2020 we upgraded our online programs to

      connect to your cardiovascular, pulmonary, and metabolic profile this will identify your limitations allowing us to develop a

      weight loss plan / workout plan that targets them.  Our Live Workout Sessions allow for automatic movement tracking and form              correction, music streaming, biometric tracking and HR zone guidance, leaderboard.  


       We have the nutrition planning just a click away Registered Dietician approved, you fill out a complete questionnaire with your

       preferences & restrictions, our app allows you to pick smart food alternatives, your daily intake will auto-regulate with your                       workouts & food log.  Weight loss, Muscle gains or Maintaining is at your finger tips, our app integrates with all IOS fitness



























We are not your average cookie-cutter program!

It all Starts with YOU

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